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Updated: May 13, 2021

Every parent's biggest worry: will my child succeed in life?

Our worries on this front start to enter our minds as they take their first steps and begin saying new words daily. Undeniably, we find it really hard NOT to compare our child's development in these early years to other children the same age. It's natural to do this and the reason is, we have this desire to know that they're going to be okay in life - that they aren't going to struggle or find obstacles and hurdles along the way.

The funny side of this - for most children, it has absolutely no relevance, whatsoever, when in life your child began walking or talking.

Learning is developmental and is reached at slightly different times for every child. As parents we like to help them along as best we can to ensure that they are learning and progressing well so that they can, ultimately, be successful - whatever that looks like.

Whether it's

- drilling into them the fundamentals such as sight words or times tables

- teaching ourselves their maths homework so we can be helpful when they come to us for help

- instilling in them the values and morals that we deem important for appropriate and acceptable societal interaction

- teaching them organisational skills, independence and responsibility for their belongings, behaviours and friendships,

- ensuring they have a well balanced outlook on life that includes sport, creativity and academia, or

- helping them to understand that actions have consequences by allowing them to learn from their own mistakes (with the guiding and sometimes manipulative help from mum and dad, of course).

The fact is, that we care and we want the best for our children. We don't know their future but we are their BIGGEST guidance in life and we would all do whatever is necessary to help make their journey that little bit easier.

When learning difficulties present themselves, whatever their age, suddenly we're met with an unmovable force that, often times, we are at a loss as to how to help. Sometimes, we recognise these forces as ones that WE had to hurdle over when growing up (as most learning difficulties are actually hereditary) and tell ourselves "I'm fine and successful, they will be too". But we still have this urge, this need, this unrelenting desire to not let them have to go through what we did.

But there is help out there. As parents we're not always qualified to understand or know what the problem is or how to help, but there are many avenues and businesses out there who's only job and passion is to see children succeed in the classroom so that they may succeed out there in the real world.

Talk to your teacher, speak to the school's Learning Support Team, reach out to a school counsellor, child psychologist, or paediatrician, or us here at Elevated Learning. We're highly qualified and equipped to help diagnose any registered learning difficulties and guide your child's learning to get back on track and succeed. There's help out there - you just need to find it and take the small step in reaching out and getting in contact as soon as you can. What are you waiting for?

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